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QBE’s Praetorian Insurance Company Auto Policy

Praetorian Insurance Company is part of QBE North America, an insurance entity that stands under the roof of QBE Insurance Group Limited. With more than 16,000 employees all over the world working at branch offices in 38 different countries, this group is one of the world’s 20 largest insurance and reinsurance companies. It is a leading insurer in the global insurance market. QBE North America operates from New York in the U.S. Parenting more than 45 subsidiaries; it has impressive product diversifications.

Many of QBE’s subsidiaries offer the same range of insurance products as their parent company. Although the rules regarding insurance are not at all the same in different countries, the group maintains the same high standard of services and underwriting procedures. Praetorian Insurance Company sells and underwrites property & casualty insurance including auto policy. A brief overview of this insurance product is as follows.

Levels of coverage
There are five different levels of coverage in the auto policy by Praetorian Insurance Company. Each level is an addition to the minimum coverage requirement in every state in the U.S. The limit of each policy also complies with the state’s rules, so it can be different depending on where you live. Those five levels of coverage are:

No Level of Policy Coverage Coverage Protections Accidental Damage Fire Theft Liability
1 Comprehensive Anyone Yes Yes Yes Yes
It offers the widest range of protection for the vehicle including coverage in case of accident, theft, fire, and liability for damages to properties and other vehicles. Comprehensive also covers anyone who drives the car.
2 Comprehensive with preferable driver Anyone with minimum age of 24 years and older Yes Yes Yes Yes
All protections in Comprehensive Level are available, except it covers the only driver with a minimum age of 24 years old. Anyone who purchases this policy should not allow anyone under 24 to drive the car.
3 Comprehensive with dominant driver You and another person Yes Yes Yes Yes
It offers every protection in Comprehensive, but only for one driver. This level is useful for saving money on premium.
4 Third party only Anyone No No No Yes
It provides protection in case you damage another person’s property or car in the event of an accident. It does not cover damages to your car. If the accident occurs with someone who has no auto insurance, the benefit still applies.
5 Third party with extensions Anyone No Yes Yes Yes
This level offers the same type of coverage as the previous one, but it has endorsements for damages due to fire, loss due to theft, or if you damage someone else’s property or car.

Praetorian Insurance Company also offers other optional benefits in additions to those five levels:

  • Bonus Protection for No Claim
  • Bonus Protection for Lifetime No Claim
  • Excess-free window glass and windscreen protection
  • Car rental reimbursement after accident
  • New Car Replacement Policy for up to 4 Year
  • Monthly premium installments

Each level of coverage offers different benefits. The following table gives a complete explanation of those benefits and where they are applicable:

Benefits Comprehensive (including with preferable and outstanding driver options) Third Party only Third Party with extensions
Accidental loss or damage to your vehicle Yes No No
Loss or damage caused by fire or theft Yes No Yes
14 day hire car following theft Yes No Yes
Excess-free windscreen and glass window protection Yes No No
4 Year New Car Replacement option Yes No No
Repairs or replacement of single box trailer Yes No No
Towing costs following loss or damage Yes No No
Essential temporary repairs Yes No No
Lifetime Repair Guarantee Yes No No
Emergency Accommodation and Transport Yes No No
Cover for Personal Items damaged in an accident Yes No No
Hire car after accident option Yes No No
Legal liability when driving a substitute vehicle Yes Yes Yes
Legal liability including bodily injury or death to another person (CTP gap cover) Yes Yes Yes
Legal liability for damage caused by your passenger to another person’s property Yes Yes Yes
Legal liability for other people driving your vehicle Yes Yes Yes
Legal costs incurred about legal liability cover Yes Yes Yes


Praetorian Insurance Company has at least four discounts to save more on premium. Eligibility requirements are easy and the discounts are available for every level of coverage.

  • Flexible Excess: it is possible to reduce the insurance premium by choosing higher excess
  • No Claim Discount: anyone with no record of filing claim for 12 months or more can receive discounts of up to 60% off the standard premium
  • New Car Discount: purchasing policy for brand new car is less expensive than acquiring coverage for second-hand one
  • Over the 50’s: with enough experience on the road, senior drivers deserve discounts as well

Boat Insurance
For those who run or own special type of vehicles such as a boat, Praetorian Insurance Company has separate policy to protect it from potential losses. Car and boat are in different environments, so each has its perils and, therefore, requires a different set of protections. Boat Insurance covers losses and damage due to theft or unfriendly weather. Legal liability and personal accidents are also available in the policy. Apart from those basic protections, Boat Insurance offers the following benefits as well:

Yacht Racing Risk Extension It covers damages to the boat while having a race
Water Skier or Aquaplaning Extension Legal liability protection during aquaplaning or waterskiing behind boat
Sports Equipment Extension It covers losses or damages to sports equipment while you are not using them
Dinghy or Tender Extension It includes tender or dinghy during usage with the boat capable of reaching speed over 20 knots