Praetorian Auto Insurance Costs

praetorian auto insurance cost
If you are like me, you are not sure what goes into auto insurance costs. Let’s break down some of the main ingredients that make up the bulk of your insurance bill and check out ways that you can save more.

Buying a new car insurance policy can be confusing and if you do not know what you are doing, quite expensive. The dollar amount that you pay your insurer for the coverage you have selected is called the premium. Most people consider this when it comes to the cost of insuring their vehicle. Because automobile premiums can be expensive, many costing over $2,000 annually, insurers have payment options that help break up the bill into smaller payments. Many companies can get you set-up on easy monthly automatic
deductions, that will deduct the amount you owe from your bank account. At Praetorian Insurance, we offer free bill pay and low monthly payments at no extra charge. Get a free quote and confront our rates to any competitor today.

Car Insurance Cost Factors

If you have a car, there’s just no way getting around buying auto insurance. Every state has laws on mandatory insurance coverage, so you have to get it if you want to be a law-abiding driver. Some states like Michigan have very different ins laws than other places such as California. You should become familiar with your state’s insurance laws before you go out and buy a policy. This way you will understand the minimum coverage you handle buying and other distinctions to your area.

Determining your automobile insurance costs is a bit complicated. Insurance companies use obscure formulas based on algorithms that take lots of data, both personal and zip code related, and crunch out the premium cost for getting your covered. When you apply for a quote, every single piece of info is factored in, to get your premium pricing. This includes things such as whether your car is parked in a garage or not and how many miles you drive monthly. Let’s focus in on the most important factors:

  1. Your Automobile 

The automobile you drive is one of the biggest factors insurers use to calculate prices. In general, the more expensive your vehicle is like a new Porsche, the more you will be paying in premiums to keep it covered. New and newer automobiles are very costly to insure because of the costs associated with repairs and replacement. Even the best drivers with safe driving records can expect to pay a lot for cars that are worth over $30,000.

The contrast is old cars only valued at a couple thousand. Most people just get simple liability coverage and can drive down their premiums on older vehicles. There is one smooth move you can do to moderate the cost of insuring any car. Always get the highest deductible you can afford. Having a big deductible, such as $1,000, will lower your premiums by about 10%. Get a free Praetorian auto insurance quote and save hundreds in minutes.

  1. Your Driver Record

If you have no tickets and also no accidents on your driving record, you can get your car insurance costs way down. One of the biggest things used to calculate rates is a person driver history. The fewer accidents and tickets, the lower you can expect to pay for coverage.

  1. Your Age and Sex

It is great being young until you get a massive insurance bill. Drivers from the ages of 16-25 pay a lot more for insurance. Sadly, the leading cause of death among teens is vehicular related. With texting and driving on the rise, don’t expect to see rates go down anytime soon for youngsters. The sweet spot for lower rates is about 30 to 65. Married people also pay a little less than singles.

Most men will not admit it, but the statistics prove that women get in fewer accidents and are rewarded with lower insurance fees.  

  1. Your Credit Rating

Are you a fabulous driver that is never been in a wreck but can not seem to pay your bills on time?  If this is you, then you are presumably paying a lot more for ins coverage. Insurers are placing more emphasis on a person credit score lately. If you have a score below 650, you can end up paying 20% more. While responsible, safe drivers who are going through a terrible financial situation might think it is totally unfair, this pricing factor is here to stay. Get your credit up and watch your rates go lower.

  1. The Policy you get

This might resemble like common sense, but the more coverage you get, the higher your insurance costs will be for insuring your vehicle. Minimal liability coverage that is at or near the state minimums is usually the cheapest insurance you can buy. Conversely, comprehensive packages that provide umbrella protection are the most expensive.

Quick Tip:  Get a great policy with full coverage and get all the discounts you can qualify for. For example, if you are a vet, you can save 10% with Praetorian Insurance.

Shop for the cheapest car insurance now with a free quote from Praetorian Insurance Company. We will help you bring your auto insurance costs way down and even find discounts that can save you more.


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