Home Insurance Deductible

November 23, 2016

Home Insurance Deductible So you are getting ready to buy your new dream house and can’t wait to move in. There is a huge checklist of things to do, like get a moving van and security system set-up. One of the most valuable keys to homeownership is getting the right coverage and securing your investment. After all, for most people, read more (…)

Home Insurance Policy

November 17, 2016

Home Insurance Policy If you own a home that is financed through a lending institution, you will be required to purchase home insurance. All lenders will require a certain amount of coverage based on your mortgage loan amount. However, you will need to analyze what type of home insurance policy you need for your personal situation and then get covered read more (…)

Cheap Windstorm Insurance

November 2, 2016

Cheap Windstorm Insurance If you asked the average person what the leading cause of catastrophic, home losses, he or she might think of fires or flooding. In fact, the biggest source of house damage comes from the wind. On an average year, according to the insurance institute, about 25% of all property claims in the U.S. come from the wind. read more (…)

QBE’s Praetorian Home Insurance Coverage

November 30, 2015

Praetorian Insurance Company is property & casualty insurer that works under the roof of QBE North America as part of QBE Insurance Group Limited. The group has branch offices in 38 countries worldwide with more than 16,000 employees. It is one of the biggest insurance groups in the international market, parenting more than 45 subsidiaries. Product diversification plays the major read more (…)