Short Term Car Insurance

short term car insurance
There has been a trend emerging in the last few years in the insurance industry. More consumers are opting for shorter-term insurance for a variety of reasons.

The popularity of these policies can be traced to numerous things. Some people just want to test out a new car for a month, plan on moving away soon or have an aversion of getting locked into an extended yearly bill payment. Let’s not forget the youth movement that is not exactly buying cars in droves like their parents generation was. They seem to prefer carpooling and other more environmentally friendly modes of transportation.

If you are considering buying short term car insurance, Praetorian Insurance company is the place to go. We can quote you the lowest prices for this type of ins and even work with you on getting extra discounts you can qualify for on-line. Get a private insurance quote in about 5 or 6 minutes or talk to one of our friendly reps over the phone today.

Why you might want to get Temporary Car Insurance

temporary car insurance
The process of getting short-term automobile insurance is essentially the same as taking a reasonable policy. You need to get the appropriate coverage that protects you and your assets at a good price. It also means taking your time and shopping around for the best deals. You can do that with Praetorian auto insurance and comparison shop up to a dozen rates in less than 10 minutes.

There is no risk, and you are never pressured into buying anything. Getting this type of shorter insurance plan is not for everyone. One of the primary deficiencies is that it is more expensive than a regular policy, this makes sense because the insurers have to prepare the plan, which is a big cost in itself, along with all the marketing costs associated with acquiring the customer. Many auto insurers only make money after the second year the client is insured and doesn’t sell these shorter coverages.

So for someone looking for a temp automobile policy for letting us say three months, they just have to understand the insurers are going to be charging more to make a profit. A shorter term vehicle policy will be sold for 1 to 5 months. Many people prefer to get liability only plans because it lowers the premiums considerably. However, you can get covered with collision or even comprehensive, but you guess it, you will be paying a lot more monthly than a 6 or 12-month plan.

It is worth noting that if you like the company after your ins expires, you can always re-up with a longer program. You can also cancel your temp auto insurance at any time, for any reason. Likewise, the insurer might cancel your coverage, even though it is for a short period. Causes for cancellation could be a DUI or a reckless driving charge or not paying your bill in full.

Advantages to Buying Short-Term-Car-Insurance
The main advantage of getting short-term vehicle ins is financial and not getting locked into a big payment. Some people might be planning a move or job change and don’t want to commit to such a big yearly insurance bill. Other reasons are they want to try out an insurer initially and then maybe go for a longer policy later.

There’s also a group of consumers that barely drive but pay the same price as people who put over 1,000 miles on their automobile monthly. These consumers thankfully have a new option in the insurance market with a “pay as you go option.” For those motorists that drive 500 miles or less a month, there are new insurers that charge for coverage based on the monthly mileage, this is commonly known as pay-as-you-go-insurance.

For someone living in a crowded city like New York or San Francisco that can bike, walk or taxi to work, in the past, they’ve ended up paying premiums just like the guy driving 1,500 miles a month. That is simple, not fair! With pay as you go auto insurance, you can save up to 60% by hooking up with these new companies like Metromile.

Some Reasons why people Just get Temp Auto Insurance
* You are going to be selling your vehicle shortly.

* You are planning a move soon and just need a few months of coverage.

* You are a college student in for the summer and only need insurance for a couple of months.

* You purchased a new car and had one month option to return it to the dealership and just want a three-month policy.

* You just do not have the money to pay for a full six-month plan.

Remember that not all companies offer these shorter programs. Find out which ones do and compare rates all online with Praetorian insurance co. We will search our top rated insurers and even find discounts you might not even know about. Get your short term car insurance quote today and see how simple ins shopping can be.